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Play is a waste of time and energy. Play is for kids. We are grown-ups and we have a job to get on with! So there.

May 19, 2020

During my time as a Learning and Development Manager with TransPennine Express, one of my responsibilities was to organise the Annual Management Conference which I had done for a couple of years. Each time we would organise a series of activities and speakers throughout the day. Everyone would sit around the cabaret-style tables, sticking with the colleagues who they knew and worked with regularly. As soon as it came to coffee time, delegates would grab a cup of coffee and then go in search of a quiet space so that they could catch up on their emails.

Patrick Holtby - Director of Product & Delivery

Patrick is the Director of Product & Delivery at ted Learning. Patrick has been part of the ted Learning team since soon after the business was formed. He has worked extensively within transport, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors as well as in the hospitality sectors.

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